Top 5 Web Development Trends to follow in 2020

A trend is a general direction towards which something is growing. Every year, web development marks its position with different features and functionalities in the market. Some years, it’s the static website and some years it’s Artificial intelligence.
Technologies have completely revolved 360 degrees compared to what it was a decade back. This is why you need to stand strong when you enter the grounds of web development.
Your business gets affected if your website is not keeping up with the “new era” technologies. It’s not unlikely that users become used to the updated and new trends and would feel uncomfortable if they land upon a website that is not updated.
Without any further due, I would like to exhibit the upcoming web trends which would shape your online business in 2020.

5 Top Trends of Web Development 2020

1. Online support

There are two things- a 24/7 client support office and a chatbot. The latter is the advancement and has eradicated the need to have a whole team of support all the time.
Being in sync with clients contributes to the retention of clients for a long time. The users don’t want to feel vulnerable to the brand and should be provided with the best kind of support every minute.
The introduction of Chatbots has provided relief to both customers and the company. The basic inquiries, directing the individuals to specific pages or data, and how to complete the exchange are guided just at a prompt.
The users have gradually become OK with the chatbots and the desire to have it for every website will become a pre-requisite in the coming time.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Developing a website via the best website development services provider is a strong and impactful decision. How are you going to get familiar with the new technologies? Web development agencies are aware of the latest trends and usage of it at its optimum level.
Artificial Intelligence is not just the basis of modern developments. Yes, at the bare minimum it’s not wrong to say that but it is much more than that.
You probably would not understand how it works and what it is about that people keep talking. Here are some of the examples where the online market has caught up with a new momentum due to AI.
You can analyze the behavior of your customers and visitors of the website and offer them the desired results based on the data you’ve gathered. Such advancement is also available as a Cognitive Service on the Microsoft Azure platform.

3. Message Pop-ups

The most versatile feature an app would have is a message pop up. It acts as a huge asset for sending demonstrated data directly to the client who offers some profit.
It is immensely popular for mostly traffic changes, advance notice of deals or even sports scores.
The acknowledgment of the message pop-ups empowers the client about the brand and a connection is built with them at no extra cost.
It would be one of the most prioritized features in 2020 to supplant a site.

4. Single-page Applications

This trend is just keeping it up and would be the top one in 2020. Why isn’t it losing its popularity yet? It is used to create websites that connect with the users by rewriting the entire page dynamically rather than fully loading the page every time from the server.
In the case of websites, the common codes are extracted permanently while the other elements like background, the navigation bar will be loaded on the page as necessary.
So, it avoids any interruption between the consecutive pages and the users go through the website without any difficulty in navigation or twisting menus. It also easily adapts to any device which is a big breather in itself.

5. Static websites

The web design services want to work economically, digitally and with a reputation so that they are able to provide the best solution to their clients.
A motion design tends to add a lot of heavy codes which hampers the speed and makes a dull impression. That is why “static websites” are an absolute blessing for those industries which are in obligation to have the highest speed and minimal features. Some of these cases are of:
The development of such websites is easier as it is just coded using HTML without any interactivity factor. Even though motion graphics would a more comfortable way to get information but it is not always appropriate. Hence, static site generators. They counterbalance animation trends.
You must also stay updated with the latest web design trends 2020 to make sure that the website is visually rich and grabs the client’s attention for longer.

Ending Note

Developers must stay updated with the trends to stay on top in this game of web development. Missing on the update might turn your client upside down. Also, technologies are the new drift making the world operate with ease.

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