How to Maintain Team Culture during Stressful Times

With the increase in marketplace demands and highly competitive factors, there tends to be a possibility of moments when you experience a paradigm shift. These stressful times often shake up the firm structure of a team and may even manage to break it. But unknowingly, this is the time when you could put your team culture to test.

Through some tactics like mentioned below, you can always maintain your team culture during those stressful times.

1. Maintain a positive mental attitude

During difficult times, one must always try to keep a positive mental attitude. This could be done by being compassionate, always smiling and staying strong. A positive attitude would always help in the long run to move forward and build a strong formation. When you have positive thoughts, you attract positive vibes from other people. For example, if a leader maintains a positive attitude, then his subordinates would also attract the same vibes.

2. Make time for fun

It’s truly said- ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. One must always make time for fun in between their work. This would not only increase efficiency but would also enhance the feel-good factor. During tough times, fun moments would push you to do even better. Moreover, they are more than a refreshing change during stressful working hours.

3. Never forget your goals

During stressful times we tend to forget our long-run goals and concentrate just on the present. Just make sure that you do not get involved too much in current problems and ignore other things. Make time for both the things and that way you would not miss out on your short-term goals as well.

4. Evolve yourself continuously

The time of crisis is the best time to evolve yourself with the time. You should recreate your process during stressful times because not only it would make you more efficient but would also save some future time. What is right today, may not be fruitful tomorrow And that is why it is necessary to evolve.

5. Be accountable

When you take accountability of your actions, you tend to make all the decisions judiciously. If one is accountable in stressful times, then responsibilities would be fulfilled more efficiently. It is always easy to maintain a team culture when people take responsibility for their actions.

6. Have emotional self-control

It is human nature to flow with emotions during stressful times. But to maintain team culture, one must have emotional self-control. It is easy to handle situations when emotions don’t get in the way.

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