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The only mantra to be digitally alive is - Be visible!

The tactics to be visible on the internet are many but the most impactful and immediate way is Pay Per Click ( PPC ). PPC is one of the best web crawlers promoting models in view of publicizing showcasing, where sponsors pay for substantial clicks on their advertisements taking into account focused on catchphrase. In simple words, it is an Internet advertising model which is used to generate clicks to your website.

Bytegrow helps you set your very own PPC advertising campaigns. Using this tactic, ROI for your business is confirmed and the more effort you put in, the more you will get out.

The only way to get the PPC campaign right is to get the right strategy. Buzz us now and make it happen!

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Our Certified AdWords Managers focus on the quickest and controllable approaches to make your products and services available to your target audience on Google Search, Display and Shopping Network.

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Google Search Text Ads

We build text ads that appear on Google search result pages and across the Google network to promote your business globally.

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Mobile Ads

To make the ads available on all devices, we tailor personalized ads on mobile devices to reach consumers when they’re on the go.

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Remarketing Ads

We believe in marketing for your business with full potential. We keep up with targeted ads to re-engage your past visitors

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Product Listing Ads

Today, all types of customers get involved with online shopping. We make shopping ads that are placed prominently on search result pages with product image and price

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Display Ads

We also curate ads that are shown over the display network; they can be text, images or video ads.

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App Installation Ads

Application have revolutionized as a top money minting thing. We draft ads targeted to get potential users find and install your app

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC helps you advertise your business on other famous platforms with some cost involved. When the customer clicks on the flashing snap of the other company’s content ad, the company pays some amount to the advertising company. This way, the company obtains the top rank on search indexes. We guarantee you healthy ROI in no time.

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    Social Media Sites
    The very first step we do is audit your website and analyze it thoroughly. We figure out where you are lacking and tailor a customized strategy.
  • 02
    Blog Posts
    The content created for your website is relevant and worth posting. The unique content makes the post more approachable for your website.
  • 03
    Review Sites
    The keyword and URL analysis is done to review the site in full-fledged manner.
  • 04
    We do local Search Engine optimization to make it work faster. Moreover, Competitor analysis is done and see what strategy is being used by the competitor.
  • 05
    Press Releases
    Online Reputation is the primary focus to gain visibility and clients trust. We perform tasks to maintain your website’s Online Reputation.
  • 06
    We create Monthly Progress Report for your website. Without analyzing the marketing, it is a waste of effort and money and we definitely don’t encourage that.
  • 07
    Video is a collection of pictures and hence it makes the most impact. We craft ads that broadcast your story to the people interested in your business.
Bytegrow PPC Marketing

Benefits of ORM

Pay For Only The Clicked Ads

For developing PPC strategy, we can use many powerful tools with Google Ad Content to help drive traffic and increase sales. Although there is a certain cost that you have to pay to Google for putting up the ad but only when the client clicks on the Ad.

Budget Control

The whole point of running a business is to gain profit. The PPC campaigns can be strategize within your budget. This way you can control the expense and set your finances for PPC advertising.

Immediate and Consistent Traffic

SEO takes time to work so the next possible alternative to have a fast marketing plan is PPC. The reason of it being the best is it brings the immediate response and the incoming traffic stays constant.

Targeted Ads

You have the choice of putting your Ad wherever you like. This means that you can make your marketing campaigns by targeting the place where you find the best potential audience for your business.

Quicker Results

Free search results into slow and inconsistent traffic. That’s why PPC is the most chosen marketing campaign as its tools get you immediate and quick customers.

A Higher ROI

In the end, getting higher ROI is of the utmost importance for any business. By displaying your ads in the most relevant online places, your ads are displayed to the most specific target market.

did you know

Did you know? 52% of people who click on PPC ads call the advertiser anyway

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