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Education Website Design & Development Company

We at Bytegrow truly understand the importance of connecting to schools and institutions online.

We have built websites for online and physical institutions of all shapes and sizes in their defined budget. Be it preschool, daycare, educational bloggers or online tutors. We love working with national and international clientage who want to create a difference in this world with the power of education.

From simple to complex requirements, we are capable to deliver a crisp and stunning website for your education institute that everyone will cherish.

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Importance of Online Professional, School, University Website Development Services.

With all the eye-pleasing virtual graphics both children and parents are more intrigued to learn. Virtual education has been one of the top most ways to squeeze the distance barrier in education and collaboration.

Students across regions get access of the best teachers and see concepts come to life. Provides students a holistic way of learning. Helps to track the day-to-day performance.

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Some Of Our Featured Work In Education Web Design

The College Connection

The College Connection

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Madina Institute

Madina Institute

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What are the top most features to keep in mind while developing an online learning platform?

You may feel like having an extra-ordinarily website in this market is like crossing a dessert, but fortunately, we bring you the oasis! Our expert team of education website developers deliver you a website way beyond your imagination. All you have to do is approach us today and leave the rest on us.

check icon 1 Audio/video Streaming
Apart from videos, online webinars must be conducted to hold lessons. They allow learners to ask questions in real time and receive feedback in real time.

check icon 2Interactive Whiteboard
A workspace that includes the support of an interactive whiteboard and features like highlighter, text zooming/out, uploading pictures in real type helps to learn faster.

check icon 3Personal account
A personal account with safe and easy login enables users to track their performance, save learning materials, make notes, find people and communicate with them. Not just that, they will know which of the course materials are free, paid or freepium.

check icon 4Internal messaging system
The communication between teachers and students is the key that increase the loyalty and grow the interest of potential learners. An internal chat functionality allows them to solve the queries regarding different lessons and learning process, in general.

check icon 5Mobile compatibility
More than any other platform, mobile is the top most platform widely used. It is not only easy to use but also is very handy to sit and learn from it. That’s why, an educational website can’t do without a responsive design for mobile.

check icon 6Rating System
The rating system’s idea goes back to school grade where the marks were used to evaluate the students interest and their growth in it. It not only boosts the learners confidence but also help to compare their success with peers.

did you know

Did you know? E-learning is the most eco-friendly way of education and a new high of 69.1% of academic leaders now say that online learning is critical to their long-term strategy.

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