Why Your Website Should Speak About Your Brand?

Why Your Website Should Speak About Your Brand?

There are tons of things your website should say about your brand, but we also need to understand that it subconsciously creates an image in the buyers’ head. So, if you own a website that doesn’t look professional, then it means you have a long way to go. The role of a “website redesign company" can never be overemphasized – when you take a closer look at your current website, what do you see? If you don’t feel good about it, then hiring website redesign services in usa will be your best bet.

To fully understand the dynamism of this piece, first, we need to take a look at some of the reasons why you need a website in the first place. The breaking news is – you needed one the day you thought about your business. Of course, later than ever.

  • It allows you to feed your brand to a world that is outside your environment.
  • You get the chance to meet a prospective client.
  • It helps to advertise your brand in ways that you can only imagine.

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1. 30 Percent of buyers (potential buyers) won’t consider a business without a website.

Do you know what your number one marketing asset is? Of course, it’s your website! This is your primary marketing assets. In this digital age, its one marketing tool you need to take seriously. Did you know Americans spend 23.6 hours online weekly? And they also stay on their Smartphone for up to five hours daily. Prospective buyers expect all companies to have an online presence – now, owning a website is not the only platform that offers you an online presence, but it is top on that list.

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2. More than 70% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s reliability and credibility on the website design.

A recent study shows that more than 70 percent of people have judged a company’s security and, more importantly, the company’s credibility by taking a look at the company’s website. People will only do business with you when you have a professional website to show for it. A site affords them the chance to check for testimonials, awards, reviews, as well as credentials. So, when next you are pondering on why you should hire a website redesign company, you should also think about this particular stat and how you may be missing out on prospective buyers by having no website or owning one that doesn’t look professional.

What are some of the things buyers look at when they view a site?

You might think it is subtle and makes no sense – sorry to burst your bubble, but there are relatively little things they look at. Here are some of the things they take a look at:

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1. Appearance.

It’s all in the appearance. From the typeface, the colors used in the site, and the logo itself should be professionally designed – the goal of the website is to inspire a positive reaction from online users. Never underestimate how fast users react to colors and typefaces. That is why you need a company like Bytegrow Technologies. When next you need to hire website redesign services in India, this is one company you should take a look at.

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2. Navigability.

It’s one thing to own a website; its another thing to be able to navigate through. You are good to go if your website is easy to use. With that been said, there are some website designing rules you need to be conversant with. Hiring a reliable company will make the whole job easy.

• Simplicity
• Efficient information architecture.
• Intuitiveness
• Be conversant with the trend.

The exciting part is that you don’t need to stress yourself over this as there is a more reliable website redesign company known as Bytegrow Technologies.

Top 5 Web Design Trends and Predictions 2020

2019 began with a set of trending designing including parallax effect and loud typography. 2020 will be nowhere behind and is all set for a breathtaking experience.

User’s choices, preferences, and ideas keep moving radically. To consume the most out of web designing business, web designers focus on distinct areas of trendy designs and put it all out there on the websites. Let’s discover what designs are going to be a hit in 2020.

Table of Contents:

  1. Unique Illustrations
  2. Less is More- Minimalism & White Space
  3. Gradient Design- Color Optimization
  4. Start of 3D models and Rendering
  5. Asymmetric Layouts

1. Unique Illustrations

There is an intriguing way of attracting customers to your website and customized illustrations are sure the best way. If you go way back to the ’50s, illustrations were a powerful way to dominate the web industry. The fancy, creative and unique graphics provide a sleek design as compared to a photograph.

IT makes your brand stand out amongst the competitors who are always sticking to downloaded images or authentic photographs.

No denying that photographs have their own visual appeal, but illustrations offer many design benefits:

1. Uniqueness

They will mock you, laugh at you, see your presence outshining and then copy you. Doesn’t this happen all the time when you do something unique?

The distinctive designs will make you stand out from the crowd. You won’t give a monotonous idea about your brand with quirky illustrations.

2. Flexibility

A customized graphic gives you the flexibility of adding the secret element and putting the design as you have envisioned versus the attempts of finding a perfect picture.

3. Creativity

You can suit your design according to the requirement and the kind of feeling you desire to have. You can have your background and colors changed to your preferences.

2. Less is More – Minimalism & White Space

Website Designs are the most crucial and foremost thing to execute. There were times when graphic designers were filling all types of creativity in their designs to make it look fuller and attractive but it’s a bygone story.

Minimalism is the new cool. Yes, simple yet appealing designs attract more customers as it clutters down the extra information and focuses only on what is required.

It’s the small details that matter. The White spaces between the CTA could

3. Gradient Design – Color Optimization

Color gradations have been in trend and have adopted by many designers too quickly. Color gradation is a technique to blend two colors to create a rich, layered structure and integrating them with images and gradients. This results to be an aesthetic and eye-catching experience.

Here are some of the gradient tips for your UI designs:

  1. Use color transitions on backgrounds or web elements like buttons, icons, etc.
  2. You can fade in two colors of the same family to get a soothing effect of colors but make sure you don’t choose far relatives of colors like green and blue. Blending colors like orange and red will work effectively.
  3. Don’t try to use the colors with the same depth and distance. To get the best illusion, mix the color of different hues and saturation.
  4. Basically, to get the natural colors, place the lighter color on top of the darker color.

4. Start of 3D models and Rendering

Web Application Development is truly not complete if you don’t get to see an X factor. 2020 would be a lot different for all the cool trends.

“Why?” you ask. 3D models and rendering are going to be an exciting rise, breaking all the barriers for most designers.

Although, 3D models have been a historical feature not many designers have dirtied their hands, to say the least.

With the rising competition, Things for designers are getting serious day by day. It has been the most challenging feature to integrate but designers are doing it with specialized 3D training to grow above all.

The cost will significantly drop for implementing this feature with the popularity increase and definitely will be the top trend of 2020.

5. Asymmetric Layouts

2019 have gone past the wave of parallax effect, chatbots, black and white palettes. Although these effects may be perfect for your website now, if you wish to outgrow amongst competitors in this market, you have to be different. Asymmetric layouts are a great way to attract your audience.

This design is more popular for developing individual websites. But it is receiving adoptions by other industries too.

Grid-based websites are majorly order-based and play safe. Not that it is bad to stay safe but brands with asymmetric designs have received a great boom!

Brutalism, fancy typography and bright colors are a part of asymmetric layouts sometimes.

Even though, it makes you stand out but always keep it simple. Obsessing over asymmetric and funky designs might just lead to downfall even before you grow.

Bytegrow Technologies is an awesome web development company and web design agency that provides professional and user-friendly websites while keeping them fun, lively and engaging.

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Final Thoughts

Web design trends and technological advancement will continue to dominate businesses in some way or the other. With more techniques and tactics, web designers are moving their game up with unique and ingenious ideas. They must continue to do in 2020 and beyond.

Theoretically, even though following up with trends hold a big bite of the piece of cake you get out of it. But the basic standard of web designing stays intact. If you think, your website has started to get perish and the conversion rate is decreasing, considering a website redesign services would be appreciable.

After a couple of years, we might be seeing a VR-influenced website and it will be a no shocker. For the time being, the above mentioned 5 trends are vital and must be inculcated to stay in the game longer.