How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Android App

Cost to Develop an Android App

Costing is the first thing that comes to a person’s mind when he thinks of getting an android app developed. And with the highly competitive mobile application market, this becomes a tedious task. The demand in this market is much high as compared to the current supply. There are numerous development companies who claim to be the best, but it is very difficult to select a preferred company which fits in your budget.

Nowadays, from a startup to big businesses, everyone is trying their hands on developing mobile applications. But you need to find the right expertise along with good experience to get your work done. This is important because a huge amount of your money is at stake. Talking about the cost of development, it is one debatable topic. In the initial stage, you can never predict an exact amount. It all depends on the features and type of your app. But on an average, it can cost you somewhere between $25,000 to $50,000.

Moreover, the cost also depends on the company you are hiring to do this task. On one hand, a startup company would do this for a lesser amount but on the other hand, a stable and experienced app development company would ask you to shell out a fortune. This would always remain a skeptical thing to decide between investing a huge amount for expertise or getting the work done at lower cost at the risk of talent of beginners.

There are many components in an app which collectively decide the price of its development. More the features more would be its costing. Below we have listed some cost components which form a significant part of the development cost.

  1. Application programming

    Application programming helps to perform a specific task or function. A good application programming interface helps in developing a good program. It makes the communication process easy by bridging the gap between front end and back end.

  2. Quality assurance

    A professionalized way of app development would always include quality assurance where they would test the entire application to find any loopholes in it.

  3. Screen designing and layout

    The designing and layout of the screens also involve a lot of work and hence decides the cost. A more complicated and detailed layout would attract a higher cost.

  4. Payment gateway integration

    Integration of a payment gateway into your app requires extra time and efforts of a developer and hence increases the development cost.

  5. GPS services

    Though not all the apps need GPS integration, some are there which cannot work without GPS services like the app for a rented cab company. So this aspect also increases the cost of developing an app.

  6. Live chat feature

    Many of the apps nowadays feature a live chat option for the convenience of its users. This also requires a lot of work from the developer’s side and hence adds up to the cost.

Apart from these, there are more user interface elements which require extra work and time. So one must decide to choose the components which would be fruitful for their application, despite the investment made in it.

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