How Much Does It Cost to Develop an E-commerce Website?

E-commerce has gained popularity due to its advantage of easy trading on the internet. It helps you to establish huge markets online by reaching thousands of people at one go. Although, all of this convenience would definitely cost you something in return. Moreover, only you would have to decide how much you want to invest in the cost of website development services.

E-commerce does not follow the fundamental of ‘one size fits all’ and that is why the cost would increase or decrease as per the components of the website. On average, the costing can range from $700 to $2000 depending upon the requirements. Moreover, this costing does not stop once your site is fully developed. In order to keep up with the latest advancements, one also has to introduce new features to enhance the user experience.

There are many factors which decide the costing of your e-commerce website, some of them are listed below:

1. Designing

There are many platforms that provide free themes and galleries for your website. You can easily apply them to your site yourself without any help from a web designer. But the only disadvantage, in this case, is that many other people would be using the same theme and your website would not set apart from the rest of the lot. If you desire to have a unique design then either you would have to buy themes from those platforms or hire a web designer. Moreover, if you are ready to shell out a fortune then you could also get a customized theme for yourself.

2. Ongoing support

Once your website is live, you will definitely need ongoing support for it. It is not easy to manage an e-commerce website as the process is very complicated. Moreover, many bugs in the website can be discovered when people start surfing it. You would have to pay an extra cost for that ongoing support. The cost would vary from person to person and depends upon the complicacy of the website.

3. Customized content management system

If you want to manage your own e-commerce website then you would have to shell out extra bucks for a customized content management system. For this, both open source and paid systems can be customized as per your needs. For example, both Magento and WooCommerce can be customized so that you can manage your website on your own.

4. E-commerce SEO services

Many companies offer SEO services for your e-commerce websites as a part of their package. Although it may seem to be an extra cost in the initial stage but would definitely help you in the long run.

5. E-commerce development company

The e-commerce development company you choose would be the factor to affect pricing. A company charging higher prices would obviously deliver top-end work. On the other hand, if you are low on budget, you can always go for a cheaper option. In a nutshell, whoever you choose, just make sure that they are reliable and are always available during the development phase.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress as your CMS platform

Launched in 2003, WordPress has now managed to become one of the most popular and trusted content management system (CMS) in the whole world. It accounts for more than 60% of the websites that are live on the internet. In this cut-throat competition of displaying business online, people make choices wisely because their image is at stake. And that is why going with the most trusted CMS would help you to fetch results.

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People are using it worldwide due to its numerous benefits, some of which are listed below:

  1. Easy to useWordPress is very user-friendly and can be used even by a layman. You don’t need to have any expertise in coding or HTML in order to use WordPress. All you have to do is login and start using it. Once you use it regularly, you will get a hang of it and all the functions would be on your tips.
  2. SEO friendlyThe reason it is being liked by all the bloggers is its SEO features. Earlier it was just used as a blogging tool, but now it has become the first choice for a content management system. WordPress offers a lot of tools through which you can appear on the top of the search results on search engines. Even Google seems to have a preference for it due to its responsive design.
  3. Numerous pluginsWordPress is blessed with numerous plugins which extend its functionality. There are thousands of plugins available, most of which are free and hence save you the developer’s cost.
  4. Many themes availableWith WordPress, you don’t have to hire any web designer as there are thousands of themes which you can choose from. Moreover, you can easily apply any theme to give a unique design to your website.
  5. Mobile friendlyIn today’s world, most people use the web on their mobile phones. So it becomes important that your website runs smoothly on mobiles as well. Most of the WordPress themes are mobile-friendly that can be easily accessed from any smartphone or tablet.
  6. Open source and free of costUnlike other CMS, WordPress is an open-source and does not cost you a single penny. Moreover, you don’t get any commercial restrictions or limitations.
  7. Tried and testedBeing 14 years old, WordPress is a tried and tested formula. With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about site crashing or your data getting lost.
  8. Universal platform In most of the cases when you change your developer, you have to start things from scratch. On the other hand, WordPress is a universal platform that can be assessed by any developer. Hence, you can easily get your work transferred.
  9. Supports all types of mediaWordPress is one such CMS which supports all types of media, be it an image, audio or a video. You can also link any YouTube video in the content part by embedding the link.
  10. Security purposeBeing open-source, people may mistake it to be highly vulnerable to hackers. But on the other hand, WordPress has a dedicated security team which makes it a highly secure CMS.

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