Why Regular Website Maintenance and Development Services Important for your Business?

“Here are some of the reasons why website development services are essential"

1. Security

This reason can never be overemphasized. The number one reason why you need to maintain your website is to ensure that the security features and capabilities are up to date. Hackers are always looking for ways to bridge your site and steal vital information. The only way to avoid this is via effective website development services.

2. Customer’s Interest

Asides security, customer interest is one of the other reasons why you’d want to maintain your website. An adequately maintained site will attract potential customers and maintains the interest levels of existing clients. You need to make sure that your website should be client-centered. You can keep it relevant by routinely refreshing the content and making sure that customer contact points are in great shape.

3. It Makes Sure That The Content of Your Website Remains Fresh

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your site has new content is to make sure that you hire website development services. That will keep things fresh for all your potential customers. Everyone hates to read old content on websites every week. Outdated information is usually festered by people’s refusal to hire a company that offers reliable website development services.

4. It Boosts SEO Rankings and Drives Traffic

You will be able to boost SEO rankings and drive organic traffic to your website when you add new and unique content to your site. If your website is not adequately updated, your site may be removed from all search engine results if they find out that it has been infected with malware. That’s not all, some Search Engines such as Google are now starting to show search results base on the type of device a person is searching from.

5. It Ensures That your Essential Files and Data are Backed up

One of the primary tasks of website development is to make sure that your website’s files are backed up effectively. This can be done through an automated service or manually. If your site includes essential components such as contents, images, or an online store that are continually changing, then backing up more often than not is the best thing to do.

6. Importance of Digital Marketing

In the most recent decade or so the world has demonstrated a change in outlook from simple to advanced. An ever increasing number of individuals are devouring a wide range of data online henceforth making advanced promoting the most ideal approach to contact your focused on clients. We inquire as to why Digital Marketing is significant.

7. Importance of Leads Management

A lead the executives framework gives a composed technique for arranging and scoring leads as they are caught. They can be sorted out in numerous manners – by geology, media channel, conduct characteristics, commitment period and then some. Without a lead the executives framework, it tends to be trying to facilitate conveyance or keep up a fitting introduction plan.

Top 5 Web Development Companies in India

Here is a list you should read finding a web development company in India is not the problem, but finding the reliable one is what you should always look out for. These are companies that provide exemplary web development services for big companies as well as startups. One of the main problems faced by startups in setting up businesses online and creating an online presence is finding the ideal company to help set up the platform. Building a website is not the problem, but finding a trusted company to help with it. Read on to find out more about these companies:

1. Bytegrow Technologies.

Undoubtedly one of the leading web development companies in India. Having a decade of expertise should count for something. Their team includes experts in the web development and designing field. As a company in search of a global audience, you need a reliable website – one which everyone can navigate through quickly, and that’s what you get with a site built by Bytegrow Technologies. They offer premium services with high ROI. One of the exciting things you’ll notice about the company is how versatile they are. From mobile app development, CMS websites such as WordPress development, web developments, as well as eCommerce development. Whatever your company needs web-, or app-wise, Bytegrow services will help professionally.

2. IndiaNIC.

It’s a web development company that helps clients develop professional stores and then introduce them to the online market world thanks to exceptional websites. With web development and programming experience of years, startups and big companies hire their expertise in .NET, PHP and MySQL, Javascript, eCommerce, build CMS and build versatile applications for their brand.

3. Simform Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This is a top custom software development company with a mission to help all businesses – big or startups in need of an online presence. They help you extend their tech capacity. They’ve been in existence since 2010, and currently have a team of more than 280 experts. They have tools and professionals who can help your business elevate your brand’s value via professional development services. When you hire Simform, they will help you decide the ideal architecture to follow and also to oversee the success of your projects. You can start by taking advantage of their free consultation.

4. Cyber Worx.

Cyber Worx is the next web developing company on our list. They help brands in designing responsive websites thanks to secure experience in developing and designing different websites. Yes, if you need an eCommerce, blog, news, and other forms of the site, this is one you should give a try. You will get a boost as far as your brand is concerned. If you need potential customers for your business, Cyber Worx is a good option.

5. Iflexion.

Are you looking for a company that offers custom software, mobility solutions, and advanced web development? Then Iflexion should be on that list of companies to consider. It’s one of the oldest web development companies in India and on our list too. Having a professional team of more than 800 IT professionals who know what their onions, they’ll serve you with topmost professionalism. They solve all IT needs of companies such as big companies and SMEs – both large and small enterprises should contact them for all their IT troubles. One of the reasons why they are best at what they do is the profound expertise they have in full-cycle custom software development, amongst other IT issues.


That is a small but detailed piece, but when it comes to building an online presence, you need the right company to help with that. Just go through this piece to find a professional web development company.

Top 5 Web Development Trends to follow in 2020

A trend is a general direction towards which something is growing. Every year, web development marks its position with different features and functionalities in the market. Some years, it’s the static website and some years it’s Artificial intelligence.

Technologies have completely revolved 360 degrees compared to what it was a decade back. This is why you need to stand strong when you enter the grounds of web development.

Your business gets affected if your website is not keeping up with the “new era” technologies. It’s not unlikely that users become used to the updated and new trends and would feel uncomfortable if they land upon a website that is not updated.

Without any further due, I would like to exhibit the upcoming web trends which would shape your online business in 2020.

5 Top Trends of Web Development 2020

  1. Online support
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Message Pop-ups
  4. Single-page Applications
  5. Static websites

Online support


There are two things- a 24/7 client support office and a chatbot. The latter is the advancement and has eradicated the need to have a whole team of support all the time.

Being in sync with clients contributes to the retention of clients for a long time. The users don’t want to feel vulnerable to the brand and should be provided with the best kind of support every minute.

The introduction of Chatbots has provided relief to both customers and the company. The basic inquiries, directing the individuals to specific pages or data, and how to complete the exchange are guided just at a prompt.
The users have gradually become OK with the chatbots and the desire to have it for every website will become a pre-requisite in the coming time.

Artificial Intelligence


Developing a website via the best website development services provider is a strong and impactful decision. How are you going to get familiar with the new technologies? Web development agencies are aware of the latest trends and usage of it at its optimum level.

Artificial Intelligence is not just the basis of modern developments. Yes, at the bare minimum it’s not wrong to say that but it is much more than that.

You probably would not understand how it works and what it is about that people keep talking. Here are some of the examples where the online market has caught up with a new momentum due to AI.

  • A neural network (networks that are not task-specific programmed but perform tasks by considering examples) helps in protecting copyrights on social media.
  • On the basis of purchases made in history, customers receive offers, promotions from online brands.
  • Voice Search optimizations that provide metadata to Google about you but do not affect your content for users.
  • Analysis of emotions through comments and making use of it.
  • Automatic selection of different elements of graphic elements from web design like font, gamma, and button shapes, etc.

You can analyze the behavior of your customers and visitors of the website and offer them the desired results based on the data you’ve gathered. Such advancement is also available as a Cognitive Service on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Message Pop-ups


The most versatile feature an app would have is a message pop up. It acts as a huge asset for sending demonstrated data directly to the client who offers some profit.

It is immensely popular for mostly traffic changes, advance notice of deals or even sports scores.

The acknowledgment of the message pop-ups empowers the client about the brand and a connection is built with them at no extra cost.

It would be one of the most prioritized features in 2020 to supplant a site.

Single-page Applications

Single Page Application

This trend is just keeping it up and would be the top one in 2020. Why isn’t it losing its popularity yet? It is used to create websites that connect with the users by rewriting the entire page dynamically rather than fully loading the page every time from the server.

In the case of websites, the common codes are extracted permanently while the other elements like background, the navigation bar will be loaded on the page as necessary.

So, it avoids any interruption between the consecutive pages and the users go through the website without any difficulty in navigation or twisting menus. It also easily adapts to any device which is a big breather in itself.

Static websites

web development company - Bytegrow

The web design services want to work economically, digitally and with a reputation so that they are able to provide the best solution to their clients.

A motion design tends to add a lot of heavy codes which hampers the speed and makes a dull impression. That is why “static websites” are an absolute blessing for those industries which are in obligation to have the highest speed and minimal features. Some of these cases are of:

  • Postal services
  • Second-hand stores
  • News portal
  • government sites

The development of such websites is easier as it is just coded using HTML without any interactivity factor.
Even though motion graphics would a more comfortable way to get information but it is not always appropriate. Hence, static site generators. They counterbalance animation trends.

You must also stay updated with the latest web design trends 2020 to make sure that the website is visually rich and grabs the client’s attention for longer.

Ending Note:

Developers must stay updated with the trends to stay on top in this game of web development. Missing on the update might turn your client upside down. Also, technologies are the new drift making the world operate with ease.

Bytegrow Technologies has a solid in-house group of developers leveling up their proficiency with the upcoming trends. Cutting-edge industry learning is just a part of development.

Top 5 Web Design Trends and Predictions 2020

2019 began with a set of trending designing including parallax effect and loud typography. 2020 will be nowhere behind and is all set for a breathtaking experience.

User’s choices, preferences, and ideas keep moving radically. To consume the most out of web designing business, web designers focus on distinct areas of trendy designs and put it all out there on the websites. Let’s discover what designs are going to be a hit in 2020.

Table of Contents:

  1. Unique Illustrations
  2. Less is More- Minimalism & White Space
  3. Gradient Design- Color Optimization
  4. Start of 3D models and Rendering
  5. Asymmetric Layouts

1. Unique Illustrations

There is an intriguing way of attracting customers to your website and customized illustrations are sure the best way. If you go way back to the ’50s, illustrations were a powerful way to dominate the web industry. The fancy, creative and unique graphics provide a sleek design as compared to a photograph.

IT makes your brand stand out amongst the competitors who are always sticking to downloaded images or authentic photographs.

No denying that photographs have their own visual appeal, but illustrations offer many design benefits:

1. Uniqueness

They will mock you, laugh at you, see your presence outshining and then copy you. Doesn’t this happen all the time when you do something unique?

The distinctive designs will make you stand out from the crowd. You won’t give a monotonous idea about your brand with quirky illustrations.

2. Flexibility

A customized graphic gives you the flexibility of adding the secret element and putting the design as you have envisioned versus the attempts of finding a perfect picture.

3. Creativity

You can suit your design according to the requirement and the kind of feeling you desire to have. You can have your background and colors changed to your preferences.

2. Less is More – Minimalism & White Space

Website Designs are the most crucial and foremost thing to execute. There were times when graphic designers were filling all types of creativity in their designs to make it look fuller and attractive but it’s a bygone story.

Minimalism is the new cool. Yes, simple yet appealing designs attract more customers as it clutters down the extra information and focuses only on what is required.

It’s the small details that matter. The White spaces between the CTA could

3. Gradient Design – Color Optimization

Color gradations have been in trend and have adopted by many designers too quickly. Color gradation is a technique to blend two colors to create a rich, layered structure and integrating them with images and gradients. This results to be an aesthetic and eye-catching experience.

Here are some of the gradient tips for your UI designs:

  1. Use color transitions on backgrounds or web elements like buttons, icons, etc.
  2. You can fade in two colors of the same family to get a soothing effect of colors but make sure you don’t choose far relatives of colors like green and blue. Blending colors like orange and red will work effectively.
  3. Don’t try to use the colors with the same depth and distance. To get the best illusion, mix the color of different hues and saturation.
  4. Basically, to get the natural colors, place the lighter color on top of the darker color.

4. Start of 3D models and Rendering

Web Application Development is truly not complete if you don’t get to see an X factor. 2020 would be a lot different for all the cool trends.

“Why?” you ask. 3D models and rendering are going to be an exciting rise, breaking all the barriers for most designers.

Although, 3D models have been a historical feature not many designers have dirtied their hands, to say the least.

With the rising competition, Things for designers are getting serious day by day. It has been the most challenging feature to integrate but designers are doing it with specialized 3D training to grow above all.

The cost will significantly drop for implementing this feature with the popularity increase and definitely will be the top trend of 2020.

5. Asymmetric Layouts

2019 have gone past the wave of parallax effect, chatbots, black and white palettes. Although these effects may be perfect for your website now, if you wish to outgrow amongst competitors in this market, you have to be different. Asymmetric layouts are a great way to attract your audience.

This design is more popular for developing individual websites. But it is receiving adoptions by other industries too.

Grid-based websites are majorly order-based and play safe. Not that it is bad to stay safe but brands with asymmetric designs have received a great boom!

Brutalism, fancy typography and bright colors are a part of asymmetric layouts sometimes.

Even though, it makes you stand out but always keep it simple. Obsessing over asymmetric and funky designs might just lead to downfall even before you grow.

Bytegrow Technologies is an awesome web development company and web design agency that provides professional and user-friendly websites while keeping them fun, lively and engaging.

Here are a few references: 

  1. https://www.lovebeets.com/
  2. https://frenchfryheavenfranchise.com/

Final Thoughts

Web design trends and technological advancement will continue to dominate businesses in some way or the other. With more techniques and tactics, web designers are moving their game up with unique and ingenious ideas. They must continue to do in 2020 and beyond.

Theoretically, even though following up with trends hold a big bite of the piece of cake you get out of it. But the basic standard of web designing stays intact. If you think, your website has started to get perish and the conversion rate is decreasing, considering a website redesign services would be appreciable.

After a couple of years, we might be seeing a VR-influenced website and it will be a no shocker. For the time being, the above mentioned 5 trends are vital and must be inculcated to stay in the game longer.

5 Reasons Why An SSL Certificate Is Important For Your Company Website

With so many lawbreaking crimes happening every day over the Internet, users are well aware and alert about the precautions to render and Why not? The Internet is entitled to fraud and a high level of intrusions. Hence, it is objective to lay down some crude rules and measures to ensure the safety of the users and their money.

A website having an SSL certificate is flagged as a secured website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is the main principle for a secure website as it guards the information traveling across the computers of the world via the Internet.

When a visitor visits the site, the address bar starts from HTTP//: This was acceptable until recent times. This is now perceived as an insecure and vulnerable connection.

An SSL certified website begins with a lock symbol followed by HTTPS//: The successful integration of it will encrypt the website. Any information transferred via this connection would be fully secured from being tampered, stolen or misuse. 

An SSL certificate to a website is the same as to protective eyewear during an eclipse or a fastened seatbelt during the car drive.

Now, the question is – “Is SSL necessary?” The answer is a straight Yes! It is an unavoidable necessity.

According to the report of Gartner, around 70% of users doing online shopping did not continue to the payment mode after realizing that “lock symbol” was missing. It is claimed by them that the payment process stayed incomplete because of the lack of trust mark or SSL certificate.

 Trust is not just an important factor but the most crucial element. The users have to make sure that if they are inserting their credit card details, the website is secured and encrypted.

Here are some top key reasons for upgrading the website to HTTPS Connection.

Better Google Rank

Who doesn’t want to be on Google’s Top ranking right? The top SEO strategist like Brian Dean claims that Google’s algorithm has a strong correlation between HTTPs enabled websites.

The SSL certified websites are kept in the priority list of Google. To rank above your competitors, make sure you have encrypted every page of the website and have no loose ends.


Enhanced Customer Trust

It’s quite evident by now that Customer tendency to purchase on a website has highly relied on the security level.

Without a shadow of a doubt, at the back-end, the SSL certificate provides authentication and encryption of the data but if we look broadly, it makes it easier for customers to trust the website.  

The transparency between the users and the organization is established when they can see your details. This happens after the installation of OV or EV SSL.

Nonetheless, the chances are that the customer made with trust helps to spread the reliability and legitimacy of your website to other customers as well. What could be even better?

Validation of your Identity

Apart from the encryption that SSL provides, the major task of it is to provide verification and authentication. The Internet is a misleading place and hundreds of people are duped every day. It is funny to hear the stories like a boy traveled 400 miles to meet the love of his life that he met on Facebook only to discover that he was being played. The girl was no one but 2 boys who pranked him. 

It is not even funny when the website you entered your credit card details turn out to be fake and you’re already in hot water.

While installing the SSL certificate, a validation process is conducted by the third party called CA (Certificate Authority). Once the party approves of your identity, a trust indicator is released vouching for your identity. Amplifying the trust over users will now take a split second.

It is more or less like Instagram verifying your account and providing the blue tick. Here, it’s an SSL certificate.

Good for your Traffic

The visitor retention is beneficial for SEO purposes and lack of secured connection leads to the detrimental of incoming traffic or long stay of visitors.

This is a huge playing factor for increasing the loading speed of the website.

The video games are the best example to explain this out to you. The player could speed up as well as secure himself from the monsters for a long duration by grasping some superpower. In this case, the power is the SSL certificate and the website is the player.

A website powered by HTTPs connection can unlock great speed and additional security features.


Google has made it clear and cut that any website not having an SSL certificate will be blacklisted. If anyone fails to act in accordance with this rule, a warning message of “Not Secured” would be flashing on the website. This is not going to be cool. On top of it, the websites would be automatically blocked shortly.

Here I am splitting some great secrets which no one else would:

Google has a laid out guidelines which has to be considered while installing the SSL certificate:

  • When you approach CA, you have to choose the most relevant type of certificate for your business:
    • Single
    • Multi-domain
    • Wildcard
  • Choose SSL certificates only from trusted sources.
  • Use certificates powered with 20148-bit keys only.
  • Make sure your web pages are indexed by search engines.
  • For the rest of the domains, use only protocol-relative URLs.

So if the conversion rate is low and the bounce rate is high, you know what could be the reason now. What are you waiting for? If your website is in deficient of an SSL Certificate, contact the best website development services provider Bytegrow Technologies to add the layer of protection affordably.

Why Using a Paid or Ready Made Theme in WordPress is a Bad Idea?

To initiate the process of Website Development, choosing a theme has become the first world problem.

Some common questions that give birth to this problem are, “Are paid themes a good investment?” “Do themes don’t require a developer?” or “Do themes make the maintenance easier?”

This article will throw a truth bomb that no other agency or freelancer would tell you. Themes make your website slow and they don’t even provide what they claim to.

Divi theme whose annual rental pay is 89$ is the slowest theme ever encountered Moreover; for practical usage, it takes more than 5 seconds to load the site. How could you even imagine that the complete website would be loading within 2-3 seconds?

The premium themes and it’s “Do anything and everything” luring all over the internet is nothing but a way to mint money. I’m not denying that a non-developer doesn’t keep the potential to build a website using the theme until it starts to feel that the website doesn’t look the way it was looking at the preview. To add to that, a blogging website is the most basic website that wouldn’t require a web development agency. But who knows if it’s even secure?

It’s not the customers’ fault. It’s what is just visible and looks easy because it saves money, energy and time. But if it was that easy, why would developers force to build custom theme websites only?

Bytegrow Technologies have tailored all its websites customized and hold a track record of a maximum of 3 seconds loading speed.

Also Read: https://www.bytegrow.com/5-reasons-hiring-web-development-agency-better-freelancer

Increasingly everyone is moving from a theme-based website to a customized theme. Does that mean using the paid theme is a bad idea? Let’s find out.

Web Development Agency

  • Paid themes have a hefty purchase license of over 60-70$ recurring every year.
  • All tempting themes are full of extras. Extra codes, JS, and plug-ins.
  • Paid themes are better than free themes but if you are looking for a high speed paid theme, you might want to consider looking for a custom theme.
  • Multi-function, feature-rich, even multi-purpose themes do not come with the guarantee of fast page loading speed.
  • The weak spot of such websites emerges when you purchase/download the theme and realizes that it doesn’t sync with your brand identity.
  • The media files inserted in these themes would not give the “premium” feel as it gives in the preview.
  • The stylish images uploaded by the developers of the templates are searched from photo banks after spending hours over it to give it a “premium” look.

The premium theme homepage for a traveler’s blog has got the perfect vibe and feel. Now, if you upload two videos, there are high chances that both the videos will start playing altogether and there goes your user-friendliness of the website. Option left? Hiring a WordPress developer.

  • The confidence of self-developing the website slowing fades with these themes because it contains too many default functions which prepare the website to be extremely slow.
  • The collaboration between the functions might not be as you expected.
  • Many times, the customers end up spending giant money on developers to get the tuning of the functions right.
  • The option of extending the functionality of the theme with the plugins might sound an easy way. But the sad truth is it lowers down the speed of the website.
  • The collision of the plugins developed by different vendors  takes place and loses its functionality rather than obtaining it.
  • Spending time and money is required to finely tune these plugins and make it a perfect fit for such paid themes.
  • According to this list, WordPress releases its updates quite often. The last update is on October 8, 2019, and past this release, there were three releases in the month of September alone. Let’s look at the tricky situation. Anytime, an upgrade is released, it will mess up with your website ending up ceasing your work.

Don’t hassle if you have a website causing issues; contact us to get the website redesign with high-performing custom service!

website causing issues

  • The brute forces never cease to attack and target the vulnerability of the website. The plugins that you download will not be surely reliable security plugins.
  • The spammers and attackers can easily hack your website due to the lack of reliable security.
  • Considering the plugins with strong security saves you from questioning your credibility of the brand.
  • A custom theme with good-quality plugins can save you of the negative impact of your hundreds of users.
  • Even though WordPress is widely known for its SEO friendly service, but when it comes to automatic optimization, it only delivers basic optimization not enough to make you reach to top searches.
  • Downloading special plugins reduces Website speed.
  • SEO specialists with high expertise help to solve the mess that paid themes to generate. Additional cost for SEO. Are themes cost-effective after all?
  • Due to the category system and special tagging, WordPress often creates duplicates messing the complete sitemap.
  • The heavy database of the additional demos that comes along with the theme overcrowds the website resulting in slowing down the website.
  • The heavyweight codebases pull down the process of the website.
  • The non-optimized images also make the website heavy.
  • The heavy themes with integrated videos that are not SEO friendly also lead to make your website extra slow.
  • The blend of a slow website with low SEO optimization is not a good signal for Google to make the website come into good books of top ranks.
  • The maintaining of the theme-based website requires a good amount of money with a recurring cost which comes down to the same amount as much as the custom website development services.
  • The advanced feature that makes the website attractive and 100% user-friendly does not come with WordPress themes.
  • Without results, the money invested is money wasted. There is no guarantee of satisfying results with WordPress paid themes.

Some of the Shocking Facts and Figures that will convince you to drop the idea of A Theme-Based Website:


There are around 117 themes in the WordPress Directory authored by Automatic, the parent company of WordPress.

Amongst 117 themes, how many themes actually, get updated with fresh codes? No, it’s not even 50%.

Only 29% are updated and fresh with codes that come to only 34 themes. That’s right. All the other themes are stale like a rotten banana would.

Why has WordPress kept the old, outdated and obsolete themes still intact?

The 71% of Automatically downloadable themes are still laying in the WordPress Theme Directory with expired shelf life because it creates an impact that their theme collection is Bigger and dynamic.

Themes without an update for over 1 year is kept hanging for a sheer play of laying a bet.

The Good news is it is banned in some countries and states to keep the unsanitary stuff aside.



It’s crystal clear why using WordPress free or paid themes is a super obnoxious choice to make. But sometimes, when you’re a beginner and have to choose a theme for initial purpose, you can still go ahead but choose it strategically.

  • Start with the default theme provided by Automatic less than 1megabyte.
  • Add plugins that are not popular and multi-purpose. Use discrete plugins because they are 10 times faster.
  • Last but not least, make use of selective activation and deactivation features only when they are required.

5 Benefits of Choosing Web Development Company from India

The internet revolution has taken over the inhabitants of India and around the globe. Starting from the local community to students, parents, tutors, designers, literally, everyone has been using the internet for various purposes for years now.

The most effective use of the Internet is a website made for the sole reason of profit-making. There is no denying the fact that India is a hub of technical geeks but not everyone is good enough.

As more and more website development services are making an appearance, it has become quite a task to determine which company is advantageous enough for your brand.

Today, the endless benefits are attached to a website. So hire a company that carries outs all your requirements, primarily content satisfaction, smooth development, bug-free coding, and top page loading speed.

There are many exclusive ways to outsource the developer. There are off-shore freelancing, onshore agencies, or “home-sourcing”. If you’d prefer to dig deep on what’s best for you, just read

Why Website Development Services is Extremely Important For your Business?

Some of the most popular countries according to different ratings online are:

  • India;
  • Philippines;
  • Ukraine;
  • Poland;
  • Jordan.


Why I previously mentioned just 5 countries before? Because a huge amount literacy rate exists here with talented and affordable services.

Website development is quite an affordable proposition in today’s world, especially when we see the output of it. Apart from experience, cost-effectiveness is another good reason to choose your web development company from India.

Spare a few minutes to read how hiring a web development company India can be fruitful.

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Quality Work
  3. Attention to Details
  4. After Service
  5. All under one roof

1. Cost-Effective

If at all you wish not to make your budget go unstable yet receive champagne on a beer budget, web Development Company in India would just suit this purpose.

If you’re living in India, outsourcing on-shore would be financially right. You wouldn’t have to extend your budget due to the difference in currency value.

For those outside India, it is even better. Western countries like the US, Australia, Singapore have their currency value lower than Indian rupees. So it a thin paycheck that you have to pay to get an exceptional website. Isn’t that budget-friendly?

You can try Bytegrow Technologies to get various web development services. They are quite dynamic, reliable and cost-effective as compared to any other companies in India.

2. Quality Work

Apart from intensive financial advantages, the technicians are hard-working and adapt a user-friendly approach to building your website.

They understand diverse business types. The websites are built keeping in mind the importance of SEO practices, target audiences, coding standards, and responsiveness.

The major reason why Indian companies are considered better than others is the experience. Experience matters a lot! It brings quality work with it.

They will not let you down in terms of quality work and quality service.

Make sure to have an eagle eye on the kind of work the company provided. It must sync in with your type of ideas. Check out the Portfolio  to truly understand if they match with you.

Make sure to have an eagle eye on the kind of work the company provided. It must sync in with your type of ideas. Check out the Portfolio to truly understand if they match with you.

3. Attention to Details

If there is a great design with a home page and a decent logo, and you are pretty excited about your new online venture. Let me tell you it’d be an EPIC FAIL.

Here’s the secret to shining on the Internet and social media platforms, attention to details. More important than that, the responsiveness of every detail.

A professional web development services provider would have a strong mouth to be always polite and offer ideas for any problem.

With every phase of the website, a follow-up with the client is an effective measure that the company would take to ensure that they are moving on the right path.

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4. After Service

Your website needs to be alive 24/7. Just like machinery and clothes, even websites start to perish. Hence, proper maintenance and improvements are required from time to time.

Here, content updating is not a big deal. It can be done by the admin itself. Major issues like downtime, non-functioning of buttons or menus, link not redirecting to the correct web page, or any issue related to user-experience.

Therefore, keeping the website up and live is primary and foremost.

Don’t hesitate to ask your developing company if they provide on-going services. Some companies provide free maintenance for a couple of months as their complimentary service.

Post project completion, keeping the bugs and glitches out of the viewers’ sight will help you become one the favorites in Google’s site as well.

Now you know, after service is no joke and should not be taken for granted.

5. All under one roof

To achieve a good quality website with perfection and in accordance with your brand, stay vigilant for agencies that offer all services.

Digital marketing, logo design, App Development, and other services are offered by fully experienced and selective web development companies of India.

Clients don’t have to hop one company to another for different services when they can easily get a silver platter at once.

These companies won’t keep you in the lock and will fundamentally suggest your ideas and best practices make your website great. After all, the hands are shaking from both sides and the benefit is absorbed by all.

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Why Shopify is Good Choice for Your Business

There is a saying, “Need is the mother of inventions, and its value is more powerful than the solutions one provides which itself is more powerful than technology.”

That’s what Shopify believes in, by providing a platform for the users that fulfill their needs without worrying about the details.”

They solve the problem for online retailers by giving retailers the ability to own their products. There is just 1% of the retailers who would work on the web to create something from scratch even with Wix.com or any other website builder sites and the number of smartphone users is 10x in numbers who could easily use their phones who would love to create their own store without knowing any technological part

Shopify does solve the problem by helping users to create everything from buying domains to finding names to choosing themes, practically whatever requires to start a business, with few clicks even with a mobile app. What could be better than that? Even without prior experience and knowledge in e-commerce to building something like that on your own, the Shopify Development Company will make sure to work for you hassle-free. Users will have to worry not about the code or servers or anything but their products to sell, the main need cum requirement for which they actually bought the ticket for.

Now everyone can easily start their e-commerce store online.
Unlike other e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart, where you actually do not own your own product, you can just sell it there, Shopify lets you have your own e-commerce online shop, by using Shopify as a service of course.


This Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario is also the name of its proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.
and offers online retailers a suite of services “including payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools to simplify the process of running an online store for small merchants.” unlike other services that just provides the website building mechanism.

Founded in 2004 by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake after attempting to open Snowdevil, an online store for snowboarding equipment. Dissatisfied with the existing e-commerce products on the market, Lütke, a computer programmer by trade, instead built his own. Lutke used the open-source web application framework Ruby on Rails to build Snowdevil’s online store and launched it after two months of development

How does it work?

Just a few simple steps and click to start your own e-commerce business

1. Find your Name, buy a domain and create a brand
2. Can sell products anywhere and anyone with online e-commerce stores, marketplaces, social media and point of sale. By using their customized themes, just drag and drop and build your own store, as simple as that.

3. Marketing your business by using their built-in tools by finding the right audience using their SEO tools and blogs, campaigns to reach your audience and promoting products via Facebook Ads and Google Smart Shopping where again, no prior experience is required, and improving each campaign with properly managed reports of everything on a single dashboard from orders to shipping to payments, no matter wherever you are and wherever you go, it’s a single stop where you can see everything.


In August 2013, Shopify announced the launch of Shopify Payments, which allowed merchants to accept credit cards without requiring a third party payment gateway

Introducing Shopify POS system also solves the major problems for retailers from all over the world since the ability to accept credit cards in-store, on the go, and everywhere in between means, you can sell anywhere practically anywhere where your customers are. It gave you the unified payment system where you can accept payments on any device while automatically updating your inventory, orders and customer data.
With POS System, you can sell online and process refunds in person or vice versa, sell in person, ship to home, etc.

Meanwhile, in 2019, Shopify acquired Handshake that deals in business-to-business e-commerce platform for wholesale goods, alongside retailers and they, name it as Shopify Plus.

In addition, e-commerce company Shopify has launched Shopify Studios, a full-service television and film content development and production house that will focus on the stories of entrepreneurs. Earlier, there were no stories to trust retailers with their products and with a lot of online options available customers really don’t rely on one product or service at a time.
Shopify took the task at hand and came up with the solution namely Shopify Studios, as the name suggests, it is “dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurship through entertaining, thought-provoking storytelling”.

It also provides multiple platform support to sell its products for new sales channels like Pinterest, Amazon, and Snapchat to buy and manage Snapchat Story ads directly on the Shopify platform

Pricing in Shopify

The good news is, Shopify lets you use it as a trial for 14 days before you sign up for any long term deal so you can check it before putting your money into it.

In fact, even with a small business or with a small e-retail shop you could go with their basic plan just to start your new business. It’s very much affordable with all the basic support like 24/7 support, unlimited products, sales channels, etc.

And you can upgrade/downgrade your business according to your requirements at any point in time.

There is no setup fee or bandwidth fee, just start your free trial and come onboard.

Shopify does the “Cognitive Load” for the Users. Cognitive load refers to the used amount of working memory resources or refers to the way information or tasks are presented to a learner.

Here, it actually lets the users help opening its online store aka e-Commerce Site without worrying about literally anything. Weather create it with your laptops, or tablets or with the most common use Smart Phones.
Shopify has it all, the one-stop problem for all the solutions, a great all-in-one e-commerce solution that can help businesses to sell more.

Apparently, working with a full-time Shopify development agency will be a breeze. Bytegrow Technologies is a proficient Shopify development agency in India and has an expert team of certified Shopify developers to ease your development work.

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Why Website Development Services is Extremely Important For your Business?

The world is constantly moving forward with new things every day! As a human, we have super adaptation abilities so it is our responsibility to change with time. Rooting from this, in order to get connected with people, the shift from writing letters and going all the way to post-office to writing emails followed by social media. The drastic change has taken place for interpersonal connectivity, and so did for business.

The traditional way of increasing your brand audience still has its own importance, but blending it with digitally-driven techniques has given a boom to the business world. So there’s no alternate way, either dig down to explore each and every possibility to make your brand reach on top or see yourself get beaten up from your competitors. I would suggest you avoid the latter.

What you must do to enhance the brand identity?

It’s a direct route; Website Development Services is extremely important for your business to be heard, seen and utilized to the fullest.

The funda to generate revenues is simple, your goals need to be achieved. To make people aware of your services, apart from website development, consider Mobile App Development to leave the maximum impact.

1.      Worldwide Source

Today, it is a compulsion for businesses to have a website to promote their brand everywhere. For instance, to display products of an e-commerce company on a listing website like Amazon, having a website of the company is a compulsion.

Generally, big-budget companies have their in-house developers to cater to their web design, developing and marketing needs. While big companies have their own team, small companies outsource freelancers or hire a web agency.

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Your website is the brand identity which holds the power to make your company’s’ present worldwide. Don’t you agree?

2.      Convenience& Communication

When we make our services available easily, we basically give out our hands to make customer’s life better. If their life is getting better eventually our ROI is increasing. Makes sense?

It is viable to have a website that helps to connect with your customers easily. Integrate contact forms, social media, chatbot.  A quick response has the biggest impacts on customers. If you won’t respond, someone else will.

A Landing Page can help you to reach out to your audience strategically. An effective landing page is that lure the customer to look into what you got to offer to them.

3.      Customer-access 24/7

The biggest reason behind Website Development service is that your services are readily available to the customer 24/7 anywhere in the world. Within 24 hours, you are available to them as well. This way it generates a path to connect with potential customers.

Marketing your company’s website over social media gives a major impact. Respond to your customer’s comments and personal messages, make them feel wanted and follow up with them. Along with this, providing service post your service/product has been delivered would be nice. Set up an email prompt option to keep in touch with your visitors.

Displaying your brand and not being available to your clients online is the biggest mistake that could cost you.

4.      Defeat Competitors

In order to stand out in this intensifying competition, staying stuck to mouth marketing, social media and physical means are just not enough. Get your hands dirty in website development services and indulge in services like SEO to leave behind everyone and come on top searches of Google.

Bytegrow Technologies is one of the track recording companies that has made hundreds of websites from scratch and has made the websites reach millions with its marketing services. You are one step away to gain profits and have a much bigger audience.

Believe it or not, a website on top searches gets you traffic beyond imagination. One of the boosting ways to get a personal recommendation of users is to get a website.

Whenever you plan to develop your website, you have to work a tad bit more. Make a budget, decide on your requirements and target audience. You may want to pay out for developers and designers or keep an in-house team.

5.      Spreading the business

Apart from the well developed offline office, it’s essential that you spread awareness all over. This offers the business the grand opportunity to sell its products and/or services, increase the popularity of the business, generate leads for the organization and much more.

There is no silver bullet or truth bomb for web development services; it is essential to spread your business. It is important to change with time and get going with the trend.

5 Reasons Why Hiring A Web Development Agency Is Better Than A Freelancer

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, getting a website for your business is the best decision. Online presence has a major effect on getting exposure in diverse ways. It makes the process easier for both you and your customers. Whatever your business is, clothing, flowers, jewelry, or a service provider, it is a requisite to reach the masses.

Most businesses, big or small, choose to get a website to save their energy on explaining to the customers what their company does. Apart from this, if it’s an e-commerce website, it’s the major source of income.

So it’s prominently evident that a website is an organized, systematic and easy way of showcasing your business.

But how will you get your website done? Can you build it up yourself? You need to have the web development skills and the time to invest.

You can hire a freelancer. But can you really rely on them and wait until you get stuck in a deadlock. The most common issue faced with a freelancer is they surpass the deadlines and keep running errands to finish the project. Their main goal is to mint money as an individual and slyly avoid to maintain the quality of work. I’m not saying, every web developer freelancer is the same. There are some exceptionally exceptions that are outstanding with the quality of work and professionalism.

That being said, I can’t deny that such freelancers are achievable by obstacles. Out of 20, 1 freelancer will turn out to be a complete package who will never miss the deadline, communicate with you timely, will keep quality over money.

For once, let’s consider you find such an individual who excels professionally in web development. Now, can you give SEO, digital marketing, and other services that come along with web development to him? You might have to look out for another freelancer for that. Again, the tedious hunt of a reliable freelancer and wastage of time.

Don’t forget everything in the world has an alternative. You can hire a Web Development Agency to deliver everything you need. They will provide you a package for all your requirements. You can rely on them with your deadlines and it will be worth your money.

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I have listed 5 big reasons why you must choose a web development company over a freelancer.

1. More value to quality

The Web Development Agency works in a timely fashion. The quality of work is always a priority for them. Why? The clients provide feedback on the basis of which the next client hires them. After all, the feedback provided by a third person always works better than the company praising itself.

Although a company will charge you more than a freelancer, at least you will be tension-free that the work is in quality-good hands and no time, energy and money will be wasted in the end.

Especially for small businesses, hiring a web company is essential. You don’t want to fall even before you got up. Your website makes the first impression on your potential customers and you surely wish to convert a visitor into a potential customer. They will give you a beautiful responsive website beyond your expectations.

2. A complete team of Designers, Developers, Testers and Digital Experts

When you start to design or redesign your website, there are times when you have to hire multiple individuals for different jobs and it gets difficult to handle them.

A complete team

Hiring many freelancers may get out of hand to manage and you may face trouble coordinating with them.

With a web development company, you get a full team of designers, marketers, developers, web content development, client liaison, and other professional hands. It ensures that every part of the website gets individual attention from specialists.

A company will generally have a protocol to follow in order to deliver the website in the best way possible. If you have a small company and you want to take the business to the next level, a single individual won’t help. A web development agency will build you a customized highly-exceptional website that you had envisioned.

3. Get better maintenance and support

What would you do once your website is delivered to you but after a month, you are facing an issue? A freelance developer in such a case doesn’t prefer to provide support because they are already engaged with another project and it would only waste their time. While a web development agency fully cooperates and listens to you.

A Web Development Agency spend time to understand your issue and provide quality support. They sometimes provide you the tutorial videos so that you can take hold of your website for the long-run.

Maintenance and support

Bytegrow Technologies provides 3 months of free maintenance after the website goes up and live.

So in your hard-times, an agency doesn’t leave you vulnerable and helpless.

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4. Trustful to work with

There are reasons why an agency is better to work with than a freelancer. They’ll cooperate with you in any set of circumstances.

If you want to sign an NDA or any other documents, they can help you with such things.

Not just this, they assign you a dedicated professional so that you can communicate with them about your needs. A project manager is an organized person that makes sure you don’t have to hit your head to take the updates and follow-up with the company.

A freelancer might not show up and pull the plug because of his personal problems. This puts you and your company in a state of high risk.

An Agency (if they want) can’t put you in a hanging situation. Their clients are the gods and they are running the whole company at the mercy of their whim.

5. Expert Advice for your Business

Having an amazing website is just not enough, you need to have planned out strategies that will actually work for making your business strong. A Web Development Agency deal with different business types every day. They have a lot of experience and have probably seen a lot of business getting shut down or reaching the top level.

Web Development Agency

Along with the website, they can also provide you business advice that will change your sales stats. This advice might not be free but it will change your business analytics drastically.

You will never know when an individual doing freelancing today will quit on you. 90% of the freelancers are taking projects just to pay their bills, as a temporary solution.

Apparently, working with a full-time agency will be a breeze. Bytegrow Technologies [Mobile App Development Company] is always at your doorstep with a handful of amazing experts to serve you with the best web design services, SEO, Digital Marketing, and many more services.

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