Why Using a Paid or Ready Made Theme in WordPress is a Bad Idea?

To initiate the process of Website Development, choosing a theme has become the first world problem.

Some common questions that give birth to this problem are, “Are paid themes a good investment?” “Do themes don’t require a developer?” or “Do themes make the maintenance easier?”

This article will throw a truth bomb that no other agency or freelancer would tell you. Themes make your website slow and they don’t even provide what they claim to.

Divi theme whose annual rental pay is 89$ is the slowest theme ever encountered Moreover; for practical usage, it takes more than 5 seconds to load the site. How could you even imagine that the complete website would be loading within 2-3 seconds?

The premium themes and it’s “Do anything and everything” luring all over the internet is nothing but a way to mint money. I’m not denying that a non-developer doesn’t keep the potential to build a website using the theme until it starts to feel that the website doesn’t look the way it was looking at the preview. To add to that, a blogging website is the most basic website that wouldn’t require a web development agency. But who knows if it’s even secure?

It’s not the customers’ fault. It’s what is just visible and looks easy because it saves money, energy and time. But if it was that easy, why would developers force to build custom theme websites only?

Bytegrow Technologies have tailored all its websites customized and hold a track record of a maximum of 3 seconds loading speed.

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Increasingly everyone is moving from a theme-based website to a customized theme. Does that mean using the paid theme is a bad idea? Let’s find out.

Web Development Agency

  • Paid themes have a hefty purchase license of over 60-70$ recurring every year.
  • All tempting themes are full of extras. Extra codes, JS, and plug-ins.
  • Paid themes are better than free themes but if you are looking for a high speed paid theme, you might want to consider looking for a custom theme.
  • Multi-function, feature-rich, even multi-purpose themes do not come with the guarantee of fast page loading speed.
  • The weak spot of such websites emerges when you purchase/download the theme and realizes that it doesn’t sync with your brand identity.
  • The media files inserted in these themes would not give the “premium” feel as it gives in the preview.
  • The stylish images uploaded by the developers of the templates are searched from photo banks after spending hours over it to give it a “premium” look.

The premium theme homepage for a traveler’s blog has got the perfect vibe and feel. Now, if you upload two videos, there are high chances that both the videos will start playing altogether and there goes your user-friendliness of the website. Option left? Hiring a WordPress developer.

  • The confidence of self-developing the website slowing fades with these themes because it contains too many default functions which prepare the website to be extremely slow.
  • The collaboration between the functions might not be as you expected.
  • Many times, the customers end up spending giant money on developers to get the tuning of the functions right.
  • The option of extending the functionality of the theme with the plugins might sound an easy way. But the sad truth is it lowers down the speed of the website.
  • The collision of the plugins developed by different vendors  takes place and loses its functionality rather than obtaining it.
  • Spending time and money is required to finely tune these plugins and make it a perfect fit for such paid themes.
  • According to this list, WordPress releases its updates quite often. The last update is on October 8, 2019, and past this release, there were three releases in the month of September alone. Let’s look at the tricky situation. Anytime, an upgrade is released, it will mess up with your website ending up ceasing your work.

Don’t hassle if you have a website causing issues; contact us to get the website redesign with high-performing custom service!

website causing issues

  • The brute forces never cease to attack and target the vulnerability of the website. The plugins that you download will not be surely reliable security plugins.
  • The spammers and attackers can easily hack your website due to the lack of reliable security.
  • Considering the plugins with strong security saves you from questioning your credibility of the brand.
  • A custom theme with good-quality plugins can save you of the negative impact of your hundreds of users.
  • Even though WordPress is widely known for its SEO friendly service, but when it comes to automatic optimization, it only delivers basic optimization not enough to make you reach to top searches.
  • Downloading special plugins reduces Website speed.
  • SEO specialists with high expertise help to solve the mess that paid themes to generate. Additional cost for SEO. Are themes cost-effective after all?
  • Due to the category system and special tagging, WordPress often creates duplicates messing the complete sitemap.
  • The heavy database of the additional demos that comes along with the theme overcrowds the website resulting in slowing down the website.
  • The heavyweight codebases pull down the process of the website.
  • The non-optimized images also make the website heavy.
  • The heavy themes with integrated videos that are not SEO friendly also lead to make your website extra slow.
  • The blend of a slow website with low SEO optimization is not a good signal for Google to make the website come into good books of top ranks.
  • The maintaining of the theme-based website requires a good amount of money with a recurring cost which comes down to the same amount as much as the custom website development services.
  • The advanced feature that makes the website attractive and 100% user-friendly does not come with WordPress themes.
  • Without results, the money invested is money wasted. There is no guarantee of satisfying results with WordPress paid themes.

Some of the Shocking Facts and Figures that will convince you to drop the idea of A Theme-Based Website:


There are around 117 themes in the WordPress Directory authored by Automatic, the parent company of WordPress.

Amongst 117 themes, how many themes actually, get updated with fresh codes? No, it’s not even 50%.

Only 29% are updated and fresh with codes that come to only 34 themes. That’s right. All the other themes are stale like a rotten banana would.

Why has WordPress kept the old, outdated and obsolete themes still intact?

The 71% of Automatically downloadable themes are still laying in the WordPress Theme Directory with expired shelf life because it creates an impact that their theme collection is Bigger and dynamic.

Themes without an update for over 1 year is kept hanging for a sheer play of laying a bet.

The Good news is it is banned in some countries and states to keep the unsanitary stuff aside.



It’s crystal clear why using WordPress free or paid themes is a super obnoxious choice to make. But sometimes, when you’re a beginner and have to choose a theme for initial purpose, you can still go ahead but choose it strategically.

  • Start with the default theme provided by Automatic less than 1megabyte.
  • Add plugins that are not popular and multi-purpose. Use discrete plugins because they are 10 times faster.
  • Last but not least, make use of selective activation and deactivation features only when they are required.

7 Important Ways to Increase Business Revenue with Mobile App Development

There hasn’t been any better device than Mobile phones in terms of easy access and convenience. If you own a mobile app of your business, it’s more approachable to your customers. If your brand is yet to join the club of the mobile app, then you’re missing out on something big.

Having said that, it’s one thing to have a mobile app and another to build it in a way that fulfills your purpose to generate revenue.

With the increasing number of smartphones, you just can’t stop at having a website, a mobile app is chosen over browsing the internet. 

Did you know? The 500 Merchants that contributed to the generation of 42% of mobile sales came from mobile apps. 

The mobile app development agency in India has grown exponentially to help generate revenue from their apps.

The big question is how do Mobile apps lead to revenue generation. Here are some interesting ways to get your app designed:

1. Having an effective Paid App.

The paid version of apps entails users to make a payment before downloading the app. The users can’t access the app and its features for free. There is a certain fixed amount that has to be paid against the purchase of the product or service.

Nevertheless, you have to be smart enough to standardize a reasonable amount that will lure the customer. For initial promotion strategies, a discount always makes the customer buy the product.

Don’t drive the customer away by keeping an overpriced rate especially when you’ve just launched your brand.

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2. Freemium Apps.

This is one of the most magnanimous ways to yield revenue with mobile app development. Install some basic features which would be free. Once the user becomes used to it and start liking the app, you can offer them more features that are advanced.

This will increase your monetary value to a great extent. Users would like to pay for the added features.

 One good example of it is the VSCO image editing app. Besides its basic filters and tools, it lets the user have a preview of the paid filters so that they would know for what exactly they are going to pay the fee. 

3. Localization

To absorb what your app entails completely, it’s more than essential to curate your apps with different aspects of different regions. You have to integrate the apps with local languages.

For example, the mobile app development company in India would build a local app with integration of different regional languages.

This tactic of localization removes the communication barrier between the customer and the product/service and lures them to use your app. The user-friendliness of the app also takes one-notch up due to the increased understandability. 

4. Recurring User’s LTV

LTV or Lifetime Value is what you need, to grow the app. The users must find value to your app and accrue subscribes to your platform over time. This will ensure the confirmable support from users over time. 

Techniques like deep linking to direct users to the matchable activity of the app. The app must support both android and iPhone to expand the number of users. A user-friendly app also increases the chances for the user to sustain for long. This includes a simple yet elegant design and relevant content to make users understand your application’s functionality. 

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5. Timely Push Notifications

What are the push notifications? It is an automated message from the application to a user about alerts/updates.

The push notification feature has been one of the most popular and successful features to make sure the customers are engrossed with your products and services at all times. Additionally, it reminds the customers about your newly launched products or services.

This feature saves you from your customer’s deleting app and not opening for months. The messages keep reminding them to have a look at it for some reason or the other. 

6. Social Media Usage

Social media is the sole platform at the moment which is exponentially growing at speeding pace. In fact, according to the latest social media usage compilation, it is so well established that it hit 3.19 billion users in 2018.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is the best platform to get a chance to share the link of your app to the public. Essentially, you attract more users to your products and services. By sharing the links, it becomes easier and faster for users to know about your brand and explore it.

If you invest in mobile app development with a social media sharing option, you attract revenue for the long term. What could sound better than this?  

7. In-app Ad Revenue Integration

This is by far the highest revenue generation feature. You’d allow third-party apps to place ads on your application and pay a certain amount to you with every click of the user.

This is the best of both worlds situation for both the parties. You earn revenue via ads and the other company gets leads. But always remember, if you bombard your app with ads, the user would probably either bounce to the third-party app only or delete your application which is not healthy if you wish to increase your revenue. 

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Apart from these top strategies, other strategies might be fruitful for you or not. Before you invest in it, it is must that you analyze your business and the best-suited way to increase your revenue with Mobile App Development Company. Amongst Mobile App development companies in India, Bytegrow Technologies delivers responsive and reliable apps with 3 months of free maintenance and support because it believes in quality over anything.