Why Website Development Services is Extremely Important For your Business?

The world is constantly moving forward with new things every day! As a human, we have super adaptation abilities so it is our responsibility to change with time. Rooting from this, in order to get connected with people, the shift from writing letters and going all the way to post-office to writing emails followed by social media. The drastic change has taken place for interpersonal connectivity, and so did for business.

The traditional way of increasing your brand audience still has its own importance, but blending it with digitally-driven techniques has given a boom to the business world. So there’s no alternate way, either dig down to explore each and every possibility to make your brand reach on top or see yourself get beaten up from your competitors. I would suggest you avoid the latter.

What you must do to enhance the brand identity?

It’s a direct route; Website Development Services is extremely important for your business to be heard, seen and utilized to the fullest.

The funda to generate revenues is simple, your goals need to be achieved. To make people aware of your services, apart from website development, consider Mobile App Development to leave the maximum impact.

1.      Worldwide Source

Today, it is a compulsion for businesses to have a website to promote their brand everywhere. For instance, to display products of an e-commerce company on a listing website like Amazon, having a website of the company is a compulsion.

Generally, big-budget companies have their in-house developers to cater to their web design, developing and marketing needs. While big companies have their own team, small companies outsource freelancers or hire a web agency.

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Your website is the brand identity which holds the power to make your company’s’ present worldwide. Don’t you agree?

2.      Convenience& Communication

When we make our services available easily, we basically give out our hands to make customer’s life better. If their life is getting better eventually our ROI is increasing. Makes sense?

It is viable to have a website that helps to connect with your customers easily. Integrate contact forms, social media, chatbot.  A quick response has the biggest impacts on customers. If you won’t respond, someone else will.

A Landing Page can help you to reach out to your audience strategically. An effective landing page is that lure the customer to look into what you got to offer to them.

3.      Customer-access 24/7

The biggest reason behind Website Development service is that your services are readily available to the customer 24/7 anywhere in the world. Within 24 hours, you are available to them as well. This way it generates a path to connect with potential customers.

Marketing your company’s website over social media gives a major impact. Respond to your customer’s comments and personal messages, make them feel wanted and follow up with them. Along with this, providing service post your service/product has been delivered would be nice. Set up an email prompt option to keep in touch with your visitors.

Displaying your brand and not being available to your clients online is the biggest mistake that could cost you.

4.      Defeat Competitors

In order to stand out in this intensifying competition, staying stuck to mouth marketing, social media and physical means are just not enough. Get your hands dirty in website development services and indulge in services like SEO to leave behind everyone and come on top searches of Google.

Bytegrow Technologies is one of the track recording companies that has made hundreds of websites from scratch and has made the websites reach millions with its marketing services. You are one step away to gain profits and have a much bigger audience.

Believe it or not, a website on top searches gets you traffic beyond imagination. One of the boosting ways to get a personal recommendation of users is to get a website.

Whenever you plan to develop your website, you have to work a tad bit more. Make a budget, decide on your requirements and target audience. You may want to pay out for developers and designers or keep an in-house team.

5.      Spreading the business

Apart from the well developed offline office, it’s essential that you spread awareness all over. This offers the business the grand opportunity to sell its products and/or services, increase the popularity of the business, generate leads for the organization and much more.

There is no silver bullet or truth bomb for web development services; it is essential to spread your business. It is important to change with time and get going with the trend.

What is The Best Way of Mobile App Development? In-house Development or Outsourcing?

Are you planning on building your business App? How would you get it done? Keep an in-house developer or outsource it?

Building a business app means taking 1 step up to make your business reach heights. It has been recorded that 45% of traffic for the business comes from Mobile apps to Google Search Engines. More traffic, more visibility. After all, what’s the use of great business and a beautiful website when it can’t reach to masses?

A user rely on smartphones more than desktop to reach out to any industry. On an average, a user would have 50-60 apps in their smart devices and would use around 30 of them on a day to day basis, some would delete it the next moment they installed it because of bad user-experience, while some would just lie dead like a fish inactive despite having solid responsiveness.

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A mobile device can make all the difference to a small business, or big business. They carry an immense influence with them and customers are happy to use the services. So you have to be cautious and a strong head regarding the guidelines of your mobile app.

Few bullet points of Mobile App Pros

  • Rises the revenue scales
  • Inflates the brand impact
  • Consistent connectivity with customers
  • Better customer engagement
  • Along with business, a customer also has the advantage of having a handy app.

Few bullet points of Mobile App ProsA good Mobile App Development Agency would build an app in a way that exceptionally outlines all your company’s traits in a smart way. It is quite a challenge to be on top in this competitive world, especially with so many good platforms like IOS, Android, Windows and more.

Now that we are aware of why a mobile app is essential for your business, let us also understand why it is significant to get the app development done with the proper source.

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In-house Development or Outsourcing development?

The answerable was debatable for quite a while. It is believed by many that in-house developers are cost-effective than outsourcing development. However, someone has to break this bubble to get a reality check.

In-house development

The advantage of having a full-fledged in-house development team is that it acts as a parent for your app. Without a second thought, your maintenance and fixes will be done in a jiffy. Moreover, your other developers can learn the art of building the app from the App Developer. It will address the full utilization of your money. Now you must be thinking, If the in-house development is literally the best, what is the debate about?

I would like to put it into words by suggesting the cons of having an In-house Development.

Shortfall of Experience-

Yes, the number of app developers dwelling in the market are in good amount. Finding an app developer may seem to be straightforward and uncomplicated, but in reality, it is challenging. Complexities existing in hiring Mobile app developers are many.

I have put forward some factors that break down the things to look into a professional in this affair.

  1. Basics –

A developer must be aware of the targeted audience and understand in-depth the language of coding needs.

  1. Experience –

The developer you hire may be good with his coding standards but lack the vision of understanding the projects and what could be worse than an unsatisfied client. An inexperienced developer is one of the major reasons why companies prefer to rather outsource.

  1. Your Needs –

A professional who assists you in future solutions is an asset. It is better to clarify your requirements, design, and other ideas that would explain to him your needs.

Your IT Department may know a heavyweight when it comes to the web, but it’s a whole different scenario for mobile development. So take the points into consideration and find someone competent.

web development company in india

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High-Priced developers –

There are some things to consider before you take a leap of hiring full-time App developers. Company’s budget, requirements, future requirements. It is tough to find a developer you match all the requirements. Once you find a perfect developer, boom, you’d burn a hole in the company’s budget. The prices quoted by perfect developers are obviously high.

For building an in-house team, hiring a developer may seem to be a task but logically there are other team members that are required like designers, engineers, etc.

To start looking for these appropriate app developers, the long process of hiring increases the cost. It involves a specific skill set and tools. Besides, the additional cost of testing and the final launching also require resources. These factors might sound minimal to you, yet in the end, these costs pile up only to make you feel burdened with cost and stress.

Incompetent-level App –

Cutting down on cost, and hiring a cheap developer will lead you to failure. It goes without saying but someone who has amateur knowledge of mobile development will build an amateur app only.

So even if you plan to hire one professional expert and train the other, it won’t be a polished app you would get in the end.

To hire someone who is an expert in this field and is reasonable enough, you have to look at other possibilities. Outsourcing the developers is a better option than an in-house team.

Outsourcing App Development :

It is a process in which a company contracts with an individual or another company for the services that it requires but won’t provide itself in order to focus on the core functions of the company. Outsourcing is done majorly to reduce short-term costs.

For Mobile App Development, you can outsource a freelancer, a small, big or highly experienced agency. Out of many options, it is more reliable than an in-house team. Let’s see how

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Mobile App Development Agency

The best thing about a Mobile App Development Agency is that it comes in all sizes and you can suit yourself comfortable with them. Yes, these agencies might be high-priced for a small-sized company but it is the best to match your unique needs in a reasonable manner.

An agency is like a third party working for you on your terms and conditions to provide you the best application. Pitching on an app development agency means you get a whole team of varying experts.

Once you decide on an agency, you get a whole team of unconventional UI/UX designers, essential engineers, final stage testers, cooperative project managers, and finally an app who had in your head.

These agencies keep themselves upgraded with the latest technologies and tools. They are highly equipped with knowledge that is required to build an app from scratch.

They are not limited to be paid like a salary. These agencies are open to being paid per hour, per milestone, salary basis or a fixed amount. It is best to get small-scaled agencies and discuss in hand about your budget.

website redesign services


Even though agencies are the best option, Freelancers are even better for someone who is looking out for quality in a low budget. With freelancers, it’s more like give and take.

Usually, the freelancers have skills and talent but they are looking out for good projects to build up their portfolio. So they charge small and focus on delivering quality to their clients.

The freelancers survive on the positive feedbacks and long-term contracts. However, professionalism and trust might be at its lowest but not everyone is not the same.

Doing trade of all sorts is not possible with a freelancer, you have to hire different freelancers for different jobs. However, if you are lucky, you’d find someone who would provide you everything required for App Development.

The experienced freelancers charge a bit more than an in-house developer so you have to be smart to talk out. Don’t be shy! Talk to them and discuss your budget. In the end, you don’t want to exhaust all your money to get one job done.

Although freelancers come with unprofessionalism, poor communication, risk, and mistakes, testimonials, sample work and the confidence of a freelancer can contribute to the success of your business. Choose wisely!

Building a mobile app is an essential yet tedious task for a company. I have laid down the cons and pros of in-house development or outsourcing, it’s your time to make a call. Bytegrow Technologies is the top Mobile App Development Company prevailing in the market to suit best for your business reasonably. We believe in quality delivered in the stipulated time period.

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Top Five Trending WordPress Page Builders

WordPress is really a global phenomenon and has a total share of approx. 60% of the content management system market share. Yes, you heard it right, believe it or nor but it is the truth, wordpress is the top and leading CMS on the whole planet.

With the wordpress evolvement in the web market, a lot of wordpress page builders are also emerging and trending the web world. With wordpress builder, you can build a professional website just by using drag and drop functionality. Furthermore, you can add, remove or edit as and when required without a tech-enthusiasts aid.

These builders are handy for anyone who is new in creating a website. It can be a blogger, photographer, artist, entrepreneur or a mere doctor.

There are more than 30+ WordPress builders ready for use (free and premium) on the internet. Having said that, let’s have a look at the top 5 prominent wordpress builders that made a non-geeky person’s life a lot easier.

  1. Elementor –

Elementor is one of the most popular and widely used page builders. The reason is that it offers a simple and intuitive interface. The point of elementor is that the user can build the page and install beautiful themes and design layouts within minutes.


By the drag and drop method, the elementor offers pre-defined templates. It is compatible with any WordPress theme and provides third-party widgets that can be customized.

This builder has everything from a mobile-friendly interface to a built-in maintenance mode. In fact, it eliminates the long hours of backend work. How? You ask.

The live form editor is behind this.

The elementor comes with both free and premium versions. The pro version starts from $49 for a single site and goes upto $199 for unlimited sites although, it doesn’t really matter as both the free and pro version comes with phenomenal feature sets.

But it depends on the site condition, The pro version works wonders with its 50+ Pro Widgets, 300+ Pro templates, and much more amazing features. You can use the edited saved widgets again anywhere on your website.

  1. Beaver Builder –

It is a one-stop solution for sliders, backgrounds, content blocks, buttons, content blocks, and more. It is by far the best page builders in the market in today’s date.

Beaver Builder

Directly from the front-end, you can simply drag and drop the elements from sidebar to the page and edit the properties of an element by clicking on it.

It is integrated with 20+ elegant templates. You can even save your design as your template and use it all over your website or on other websites. Doesn’t that save a lot of time? Not to forget, It is the ideal builder for all the online stores out there as it delivers WooCommerce support.

Amidst using, it will give a feeling of a combination of photo and text editor. The ample of modules in it render separators, number counters, subscribe forms, calls to action, pricing tables, and accordions

It starts from $99 for a standard package and goes up to $399 for an agency package.

  1. Divi –

Divi Builder is one of the significant WordPress builder plugins. In terms of its features, it is considered the closest to Beaver builder as it also comes with 18 finely pre-built templates.


From standard image and text widgets to advanced testimonials, sliders, social media, icons, tabs, and more. Each widget has its own settings.

Now if you’re wondering what makes it different from beaver builder? It is that itcomes with 46 content modules that you can drag and drop anywhere in your layout. You can arrange them in 3 section types, 20-row types, and customize each element using its advanced design settings. This makes it a source of endless layout possibilities.

Thanks to the unlimited redos and undos that Divi builder allows. Hence, makes it an idle builder for a beginner.

The thing about this builder is that with the drag and drop feature, you can create, lock, copy paste, etc just with a click. Moreover, If you’d like to engulf a completely unique feature that is not available in Divi builder, you can add your own custom CSS. This unique feature makes it compatible with both developers and non-developers.

Their lifetime validity makes it utterly useful for someone who would like to have Divi themes, Divi plugins and other themes for a single price.

Starts from 89$/year it goes to $249 onetime payment with getting lifetime access.

  1. Visual Composer –

By Visual Composer, you can simply create your own website in just a few clicks.

Visual Composer

It not just a sheer page builder but is a website builder and that’s why it is pretty different from Divi and Beaver Builder.

It eliminates the laborious and confusing work of coding and proposes a user-friendly way of editing the logos, header, and footer!

The feature that makes it a notch up is that although it requires no command on coding, it has an area of custom CSS and Javascript which the intermediate and advanced web developers enjoy. On top of that, the coders have added a feature called “tree view” which turns the WordPress builder into a layered interface, much like Sketch Layers. So, technically, the builder comes with 1-3 editors i.e backend, live front-end editor and the tree-view editor.

The most exciting thing about Visual Composer is that it can be used with all the WordPress themes and it comes with lifetime validity.

It starts from 59$, for one site license and 349$, for unlimited websites.

  1. Themify Builder –

Themify is a free, modern and responsive builder. The whole idea of this builder is to help users build a super-fast and super-easy layout.

Themify Builder

The predefined layout and animation can be inserted and the edits can be done both at the front-end and back-end. Apart from that, it’s live-editing feature lends a hand to see the exact changes done in the website.

The builder is absolutely free and will ask to make a purchase only if the WooCommerce support is required or some extra extensions. Otherwise, you can start with your design and an intuitive version of the website will be built.

The Basic plugin is free and premium starts from 39$.

So the bottom line is the WordPress builders have been a blessing in the world of a non-technician. It is rather intimidating for the first time user. All one has to do is spend some quality time playing around the tools and features of the builder and they are good to go. The Cherry on the top is that even the developers find it worth their time as it definitely helps in squeezing their time and efforts.

wordpress development company India

Bytegrow Technologies is an expert wordpress development company India proficient in working all WordPress page builders, visit their official website www.bytegrow.com and get a free consultation.

5 Reasons Why Hiring A Web Development Agency Is Better Than A Freelancer

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, getting a website for your business is the best decision. Online presence has a major effect on getting exposure in diverse ways. It makes the process easier for both you and your customers. Whatever your business is, clothing, flowers, jewelry, or a service provider, it is a requisite to reach the masses.

Most businesses, big or small, choose to get a website to save their energy on explaining to the customers what their company does. Apart from this, if it’s an e-commerce website, it’s the major source of income.

So it’s prominently evident that a website is an organized, systematic and easy way of showcasing your business.

But how will you get your website done? Can you build it up yourself? You need to have the web development skills and the time to invest.

You can hire a freelancer. But can you really rely on them and wait until you get stuck in a deadlock. The most common issue faced with a freelancer is they surpass the deadlines and keep running errands to finish the project. Their main goal is to mint money as an individual and slyly avoid to maintain the quality of work. I’m not saying, every web developer freelancer is the same. There are some exceptionally exceptions that are outstanding with the quality of work and professionalism.

That being said, I can’t deny that such freelancers are achievable by obstacles. Out of 20, 1 freelancer will turn out to be a complete package who will never miss the deadline, communicate with you timely, will keep quality over money.

For once, let’s consider you find such an individual who excels professionally in web development. Now, can you give SEO, digital marketing, and other services that come along with web development to him? You might have to look out for another freelancer for that. Again, the tedious hunt of a reliable freelancer and wastage of time.

Don’t forget everything in the world has an alternative. You can hire a Web Development Agency to deliver everything you need. They will provide you a package for all your requirements. You can rely on them with your deadlines and it will be worth your money.

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I have listed 5 big reasons why you must choose a web development company over a freelancer.

1. More value to quality

The Web Development Agency works in a timely fashion. The quality of work is always a priority for them. Why? The clients provide feedback on the basis of which the next client hires them. After all, the feedback provided by a third person always works better than the company praising itself.

Although a company will charge you more than a freelancer, at least you will be tension-free that the work is in quality-good hands and no time, energy and money will be wasted in the end.

Especially for small businesses, hiring a web company is essential. You don’t want to fall even before you got up. Your website makes the first impression on your potential customers and you surely wish to convert a visitor into a potential customer. They will give you a beautiful responsive website beyond your expectations.

2. A complete team of Designers, Developers, Testers and Digital Experts

When you start to design or redesign your website, there are times when you have to hire multiple individuals for different jobs and it gets difficult to handle them.

A complete team

Hiring many freelancers may get out of hand to manage and you may face trouble coordinating with them.

With a web development company, you get a full team of designers, marketers, developers, web content development, client liaison, and other professional hands. It ensures that every part of the website gets individual attention from specialists.

A company will generally have a protocol to follow in order to deliver the website in the best way possible. If you have a small company and you want to take the business to the next level, a single individual won’t help. A web development agency will build you a customized highly-exceptional website that you had envisioned.

3. Get better maintenance and support

What would you do once your website is delivered to you but after a month, you are facing an issue? A freelance developer in such a case doesn’t prefer to provide support because they are already engaged with another project and it would only waste their time. While a web development agency fully cooperates and listens to you.

A Web Development Agency spend time to understand your issue and provide quality support. They sometimes provide you the tutorial videos so that you can take hold of your website for the long-run.

Maintenance and support

Bytegrow Technologies provides 3 months of free maintenance after the website goes up and live.

So in your hard-times, an agency doesn’t leave you vulnerable and helpless.

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4. Trustful to work with

There are reasons why an agency is better to work with than a freelancer. They’ll cooperate with you in any set of circumstances.

If you want to sign an NDA or any other documents, they can help you with such things.

Not just this, they assign you a dedicated professional so that you can communicate with them about your needs. A project manager is an organized person that makes sure you don’t have to hit your head to take the updates and follow-up with the company.

A freelancer might not show up and pull the plug because of his personal problems. This puts you and your company in a state of high risk.

An Agency (if they want) can’t put you in a hanging situation. Their clients are the gods and they are running the whole company at the mercy of their whim.

5. Expert Advice for your Business

Having an amazing website is just not enough, you need to have planned out strategies that will actually work for making your business strong. A Web Development Agency deal with different business types every day. They have a lot of experience and have probably seen a lot of business getting shut down or reaching the top level.

Web Development Agency

Along with the website, they can also provide you business advice that will change your sales stats. This advice might not be free but it will change your business analytics drastically.

You will never know when an individual doing freelancing today will quit on you. 90% of the freelancers are taking projects just to pay their bills, as a temporary solution.

Apparently, working with a full-time agency will be a breeze. Bytegrow Technologies [Mobile App Development Company] is always at your doorstep with a handful of amazing experts to serve you with the best web design services, SEO, Digital Marketing, and many more services.

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